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Engage in TRA projects and programs. TRA projects have recently covered the fields of cultural tourism, social enterprise, contemporary dance, youth portraiture and social media skills development for regional senior artists and TRA members.

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TRA manages the Regional Arts Fund, an Australian Government initiative that provides funding for arts and artists. TRA also provides advice to regional Tasmanian artists on other funding sources and can assist you develop your funding proposal.

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Exciting and inspiring Tasmanian communities through arts and culture‚Äč 

For nearly 70 years Tasmanian Regional Arts has excited, inspired and engaged Tasmanian communities to express their passion and culture through the arts.

TRA exists to effectively deliver a range of services and initiatives that enrich the Tasmanian cultural landscape. We provide opportunities for touring Tasmanian artists work, skills development, networking and funding. We also develop and deliver cultural projects and community events often in collaboration with other arts organisations, community groups, government agencies and local businesses.

TRA advocates at a local, state and national level for the rights of Tasmanians to access and participate in quality arts experiences.